Clayton Township Dog Bite Lawyers

Clayton Township Dog Bite Lawyers

Being injured by a dog can be a terrifying experience and result in devastating injuries that are both painful and prohibitively expensive to treat. To learn more about collecting compensation for your own injury, you should consider speaking with an experienced Clayton Township dog bite attorney who can help you file a claim.

Types of Injuries

Dog bite injuries range in severity from minor scrapes and scratches to deep lacerations. Regardless of their severity, injuries do tend to occur most commonly on certain parts of the body, including the:

  • Arms and hands;
  • Legs and feet; and
  • Head and neck.

Puncture wounds, crushed bones, lacerations, fractures, dislocations, and hematoma are only some of the most common types of dog bite injuries, many of which can result in permanent disability or even death. Michigan is not a “one bite rule” state, which means that dog owners can be held strictly liable for injuries inflicted by their animals regardless of whether they knew the dog was dangerous.

Preventing Dog Bites

Although Michigan dog bite victims are able to collect compensation for their losses, it is still important to take preventive measures when approached by an unfamiliar dog, including:

  • Remaining motionless;
  • Avoiding direct eye contact with the animal;
  • Standing with the side of your body facing the dog to avoid appearing as a threat;
  • Refraining from making loud noises;
  • Slowly backing away; and
  • If knocked over by an animal, curling into a ball and holding your hands over your ears and neck while keeping the elbows tucked in.

Those who are approaching a strange dog should also allow the animal to smell them before reaching over to pet it. Finally, small children should always be monitored when playing with a dog.

What to do After Being Attacked?

If these preventive measures do not work or are inapplicable to a specific situation and you have already been knocked down or bitten, but the dog has since been restrained, you should seek medical attention immediately especially in the following situations:

  • It has been more than five years since you received your last tetanus shot and the wound is relatively deep;
  • The wound, although minor, has become red, swollen, painful, or warm;
  • Despite applying pressure with a clean cloth, the wound is bleeding heavily and uncontrollably;
  • You have lost function in the limb that was bitten; or
  • The bite has exposed your muscle or bone.

These types of serious bites may require not only stitches, but also surgical intervention to repair muscles and tendons. As many as one in five dog bites become infected, so it may also be necessary to administer strong antibiotics. However, minor wounds, such as scratches and abrasions can usually be treated by thoroughly washing them with soap and water, applying an antibiotic cream to the affected area, and covering the wound with a bandage.

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