Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me

Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me

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Nickola Law represents those charged with criminal offenses in the Flint area. We understand how frightening criminal charges can be. We also understand that sometimes good people make mistakes. Our job is to ensure that the prosecution does not have a case that they can prove in court. In many cases, plea deals can be negotiated but it can be difficult to figure out just what evidence the prosecution and police will present at trial. Most cases are not black and white. There is considerable gray area. You need an attorney who understands how the system works and can work it to your advantage.

Do Not Say Anything Without an Attorney Present

It goes without saying that the police and prosecution want a confession from you. Once they have a confession, they do not have to do any more work. Meanwhile, all of your bargaining power is gone. It is imperative to understand that you do have rights under the law. Even those who are guilty deserve to be punished fairly according to the standards set by the state. The prosecution has the power to offer you a deal, but that deal still has to be okayed by a judge. Police have no power whatsoever to offer you a deal. They will frighten you into confessing. Your confession can never help you. It will only hurt you. Before you say anything, you should discuss your situation with your lawyer so that he or she can intervene on your behalf.

Nickola Law Represents Clients Charged with a Broad Array of Crimes

Regardless of your charges, there are serious consequences to being convicted. Nickola law represents clients who are charged with everything from routine DUIs to first-degree murder. We can even help you restore your license after it has been revoked or suspended. Our criminal defense attorneys have represented clients charged with sex crimes, drug crimes, white collar crimes, property crimes (like theft or robbery) or violent crimes such as homicide and assault.

Nickola Law Represents Juvenile Offenders

Juveniles who have been charged or convicted of a crime need representation from a skilled attorney. Juveniles who are caught with drugs or alcohol, charged with shoplifting, or found vandalizing property can be charged in juvenile court. Sometimes, however, the prosecution decides to charge them as adults, which can lead to a permanent criminal record. Do not let one dumb mistake define the rest of your life. Protect your rights with a skilled juvenile defense attorney.

Find a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Today

If you have been charged with a crime in the State of Michigan, the attorneys at Nickola Law can help you secure you a result that you can live with or get the charges dropped, dismissed, or a not guilty verdict at trial. Contact the attorneys at Nickola Law today and we can take a look at your options.

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