Flint Car Accident Attorneys

Flint Car Accident Attorneys

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Auto accidents are some of the most common causes of serious injury in this country. People drive or ride in cars every day, and the inherent risk of this activity is something everyone must accept. Being injured due to the negligence of another driver is not, however, something you should ever accept. Our Flint car accident attorneys are here to help you build a case and file an injury claim so you can get the compensation you need to recover from the medical bills, lost time at work, and diminished quality of life many car accident victims experience. Dealing with insurance companies alone is never a good idea because their representatives and attorneys are trained and focused on pressuring you into a much smaller settlement than you should receive. This unfair dynamic is exactly why the Flint car accident attorneys at Nickola Law are so invested in seeing you secure an amount that truly represents the suffering you experienced.

When Can You Sue?

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, it can be hard to know which end is up, let alone whom to pin as the responsible party. Speaking with a car accident attorney as soon as possible is crucial in this situation because the longer the lapse in time between the accident and investigating the claim, the more difficult it will be to gather the evidence needed to win your case. Witnesses can move, vehicles are repaired, and memories fade. Most importantly, consulting with a Flint car accident attorney early on will allow you to learn how to preserve and support evidence to show the other driver was at fault, as well as to establish a solid basis to justify a demand for compensation. This approach will strengthen your case and potentially give you the opportunity to bring in more defendants, if the facts of your case support it.


The biggest question car accident victims have is how to determine what their case is worth. Every case is different, but the law allows accident victims to sue for damages in a number of categories, which are designed to represent the economic and non-economic harm you suffered. Some of the most common types of damages a car accident victim can claim include:

  • Medical Bills: Any medical expenses related to the car accident qualify as damages, which can include hospital stays, rehabilitation, medical devices, as well as future medical treatment you may need.
  • Lost Wages: Lost time at work is financially devastating for most families, and you can sue for wages lost between the time of the accident and conclusion of the case. In addition, if the injuries are permanent and impair your earning capacity, this type of damage may also be claimed.
  • Property Damage: The value of the cost to repair damaged vehicles and replace damaged personal property is also available.
  • Pain and Suffering: The mental, emotional, and physical trauma and distress caused by car accidents is hard to quantify, but it is a very real part of the experience and recovery. These sources of suffering are eligible for compensation, and can range from an inability to engage in some activities to the negative impact of scars on social and professional relationships.

Call for Help

No two car accident claims are alike, and the Flint car accident attorneys at Nickola Law will give your case the attention it needs to combat the arguments of the insurance company and the other drivers who will do whatever it takes to pay you the least amount. Contact the Flint car accident attorneys today for a free consultation and learn about the viability of your claim.

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