Grand Blanc Assault Lawyers

Grand Blanc Assault Lawyers

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No matter the type of assault charge, Michigan law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and juries take assault accusations very seriously. If you are facing such charges, you need assistance from experienced Grand Blanc assault lawyers who make your best interests their priority. An assault conviction could mean a jail sentence, thousands of dollars in fines, the loss of certain freedoms such as owning your own firearms, as well as harm to your reputation. 

If you have assault charges filed against you, act now to preserve your freedoms by contacting our Grand Blanc assault lawyers from Nickola Law. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can go to work for you. 

Types of Assault Charges in Michigan

In the State of Michigan, various kinds of assault charges can be recommended by law enforcement and utilized by prosecutors. Your attorney will formulate a defense strategy in your case based on the types of charges you face and the specific details of your case. The types of assault charges available in Michigan include:

  • Domestic assault: When the defendant and victim are involved in a domestic relationship
  • Simple assault: A misdemeanor charge often applied when a basic assault occurs
  • Aggravated assault: Causes a serious or aggravated injury but does not involve weapons or an intent to kill or seriously injure the victim
  • Felonious assault: Also referred to as assault with a deadly weapon which does not require a typical weapon to be used or an intent to kill the victim
  • Assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder: Also referred to as assault BGH, this felony is committed with an intention to cause significant bodily injury but not murder
  • Assault with intent to commit murder: A felony committed with the purpose of killing the victim
  • Assaulting, battering, resisting, obstructing, or opposing a police officer: Any situation where the defendant gets in the way of a law enforcement officer performing their duties which can include actions like not cooperating or threatening the officer
  • Assault with intent to commit any other type of felony: Assault that occurs at the same time the defendant commits another felony such as robbery
  • Assault with intent to rob or steal: The victim is assaulting while the defendant is attempting to rob or steal from them and is either armed with a deadly weapon or appears as if they have a deadly weapon
  • Sexual assault: A felony charge which usually requires registration as a sex offender if convicted
  • Assault with intent to maim: When the defendant intends to permanently disfigure the victim with the assault

The Benefits of a Criminal Defense Attorney

You could choose to use a public defender or to defend yourself against assault charges, but typically, defendants who hire Grand Blanc assault lawyers have a better outcome than those who do not. A criminal defense attorney costs money upfront but can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run, since if you are convicted, you may owe thousands of dollars to the court. Your criminal defense attorney can explain the legal process to you and advise you of your options. They can also offer you support, and most importantly, they will craft a proven defense strategy against your charges. 

Let Our Grand Blanc Assault Lawyers Represent You

Don’t delay in hiring your own attorney to protect your interests. Our Grand Blanc assault lawyers want to hear from you if you have been charged or think you will be charged with any type of assault. Schedule your case consultation with us today by contacting Nickola Law.

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