Oakland County Truck Accident Attorneys

Oakland County Truck Accident Attorneys

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Truck accidents are not simply accidents involving trucks, they are accidents involving commercial freight trucks, tractor-trailers, and vehicles that have been designed solely for the purpose of transporting goods from point A to point B. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that these trucks are properly loaded, in good working condition, and being driven by capable, qualified, drivers who are in good mental condition. When they fail in this responsibility, the company that owns the truck and pays the driver is responsible for any injuries that they might cause.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, the Oakland County truck accident attorneys at Nickola Law can help you recover damages related to your injuries. Talk to us today for a free consultation.

Understanding Truck Accidents in Oakland County

Truck accidents can occur for any number of reasons. When the accident is caused by the individual driving the truck, there are usually a handful of reasons why this happened. The most common ones are:

  • Fatigue. Overly tired truck drivers can have lapses in concentration;
  • Alcohol or drug abuse. Sometimes truck drivers abuse stimulants to stay awake and have been found with blood alcohol concentrations of more than .04, which is the legal limit;
  • Poor maintenance on the truck itself. A truck that is not in good condition should not be allowed on the road. If tires and other critical parts of the truck fail on a delivery, they can cause serious accidents.
  • Poorly trained drivers. Drivers are expected to have a commercial driver’s license in good standing in order to drive trucks. If they have caused numerous accidents, the trucking company can be held liable for negligence.
  • Speeding or other traffic violation. Truck drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road and, in fact, are subject to stricter rules than passenger vehicles. If the truck driver violates these rules, he or she puts others in danger.
  • Improperly loaded vehicle. If the vehicle is not loaded properly, it can cause serious balance issues that cause the truck to jackknife on sharp turns or after hitting bumps. It is expected that trucks will be loaded properly to ensure the safety of other drivers.
  • Lack of safety rails. Safety rails are designed to prevent smaller vehicles from having their tops taken off if they slip underneath the truck.

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If you have been injured by a commercial truck, you may have suffered significant injuries. The personal injury attorneys at Nickola Law can help you secure your financial future against medical expenses and missed time from work. Call us immediately to set up a free consultation.

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