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Falsely Accused of a Crime? Our Rankin Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help!

Perhaps one of the worst things that could happen to a person is being accused of a crime they did not commit. Being falsely accused of any type of crime can damage your reputation, cause problems at your job, and cause devastation at home and with your other personal relationships. Especially if the accusation is revolting, such as child molestation, statutory rape, or murder.

Avoid Making Mistakes

The aggressive Rankin criminal defense attorneys at Nickola Law take pride in our track record of successful defense cases in Michigan. We have dealt with a number of clients who initially made mistakes when interviewing with the police or detectives. If you are worried you may have said something wrong or made a mistake, do not fret. We can help you.

Common Mistakes Clients Have Made

The following is a list of common mistakes clients have made during the investigation of the crime:

  • Waved Miranda Rights – You have most likely heard them read to you if you have been arrested. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.” Never waive your Miranda rights before you speak to a lawyer.
  • Went to the Police Station for an Interview – Know that you are being videotaped. Everything you say can be used against you, as your Miranda Rights state. They will tell you that you can leave at any point. They will tell you that you do not need an attorney if you are not guilty of anything or have anything to hide. These are tactics to get you to start talking. Never go to the police station for an interview without an attorney.
  • Took a Polygraph Test – Police officers have told clients that they failed their polygraph tests, even when they passed them. Some clients have even been yelled at – “Explain why you failed the test!” Imagine how intimidating this would be. The bottom line is: Hire an attorney before you take a polygraph test that is administered by a police officer.
  • Went in for a Second Police Interview – We would never suggest any of our clients go in for a subsequent interview with the police. Most of the time, this means that their investigation is nearing completion, you are clearly targeted as the suspect, and they are on the verge of arresting you. But, they realize that they could make the charges stick if they could confront you with specific details and evidence they have gathered – on videotape, of course.

If you have pending criminal charges in Rankin, MI, you should secure an experienced, tenacious, and successful Rankin criminal defense attorney immediately to protect yourself and your rights. The criminal defense attorneys at Nickola Law are on your side, but more importantly, we will protect you from making mistakes and getting convicted of a crime you did not commit. Call our office today for a free consultation: (810) 767-5420 or (866) NICKOLA.   

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