Common Causes of Rollover Crashes

Common Causes of Rollover Crashes

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February 11, 2020
Auto Accident
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Every car accident is dangerous and frightening, but it’s difficult to imagine an accident more terrifying than a rollover accident. Rollover crashes are obviously among the deadliest traffic accidents. If another driver leaves you or someone you love injured in a rollover crash, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Michigan personal injury attorney on your side. 

Rollovers Happen

While it may be difficult to imagine your car actually rolling over, the fact is that rollover accidents happen more often than you probably realize. According to, rollover accidents are deadlier than any other kind of traffic accident, and they share two important related statistics:

  • In 2010, rollover accidents were responsible for 35 percent of all traffic fatalities but accounted for only 2.1 percent of traffic accidents overall. 
  • In 2010, more than 7,600 people were killed in rollover crashes.

Common Causes also shares that rollover accidents – more than any other traffic accidents – are caused by a complicated combination of factors that can include the motorists involved, the road itself, the types of vehicles involved, the weather, other environmental factors, and more. For example:

  • Speed – More than any other kind of accident, fatal rollovers are most closely associated with speed. In fact, almost 40 percent of fatal rollovers are predicated on excessive speed, and most of these accidents happen on roads with a speed limit of 55 miles per hour or higher. 
  • Vehicle Type – While any vehicle can flip when the circumstances are right, some are far more prone than others. Vehicles like SUVs and vans (with taller, narrower profiles) have higher centers of gravity, which leaves them far more vulnerable to dangerous rollovers. 
  • Impairment – Driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is always a terrible idea, and it contributes to nearly half of all fatal rollover crashes. 
  • The Roadway – Most fatal rollover accidents happen on rural highways, which usually have fewer safety barriers and are generally undivided. 
  • Driving Conditions – The condition of the road can also play a critical role in rollover crashes. Poorly maintained roads, roads that lack appropriate signage, debris on the road, inclement weather, and more can all contribute to deadly rollover accidents.  Further, faulty tires and/or a blown tire can cause a fatal rollover crash.  


Any of these factors – especially in combination – can lead to rollover accidents. 

If Another Motorist Leaves You Injured in a Rollover Accident, Consult with an Experienced Michigan Personal Injury Attorney Today

If another driver’s negligence causes you or your loved one to be injured – or worse – in a rollover accident, you’ve been through a harrowing experience and may not know how best to proceed. The formidable personal injury attorneys at Nickola Law in Michigan are on your side. Our dedicated legal team has the experience, commitment, and compassion to aggressively advocate for the compensation you need to reach your fullest recovery. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today. 


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