Common Injuries in Retail Establishments

Common Injuries in Retail Establishments

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December 17, 2019
Personal Injury
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Shopping is a part of the daily lives of many people. Even with the increase of online shopping, most people still make regular trips to the grocery store, the mall, shopping centers, or big box stores like Target or Walmart. These stores have a legal duty to keep the premises safe for customers, yet hazards exist in many different retail establishments. Such hazards can lead to serious accidents and injuries to customers. 

Whether an accident happens due to the negligence of the business or the negligence of a third party, you deserve to recover for all of your losses after an injury while shopping at a store. You should always discuss what happened and your legal rights with a Flint personal injury attorney after an accident. 

Slip and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are perhaps the most common type of accident that occurs in retail stores. There are many possible hazards that can cause someone to slip and fall, especially in a large store. Some causes of these accidents include:

  • Spilled liquid on the floor
  • Items left on the floor
  • Displays that protrude into walkways
  • Ice or snow tracked into entryways that is not cleaned up
  • Wet floors without warning signs
  • Electrical cords that are not secured to the wall
  • Slippery flooring materials
  • Not having railings on ramps or stairs
  • Dangerous steps

Companies that fail to properly inspect the premises to identify hazards, or that allow hazards to persist, should be responsible for the losses of slip and fall victims. Slip and fall injuries can be surprisingly serious, and often include broken hips, back injuries, fractures, concussions, and more.

Parking Lot Accidents

Shopping centers or large stores often have busy parking lots, especially during the holiday season. Many accidents can happen in parking lots, including two vehicles colliding or a vehicle hitting a pedestrian. All traffic accidents can result in severe injuries, even in parking lots where cars are driving at slower speeds. Some of these accidents are solely the fault of other drivers who are aggressive or otherwise negligent. In other situations, an accident might happen because of poor parking lot design or other mistakes made on the part of the property owner or store. 


Stores are also expected to have adequate security to prevent assaults or other violent crimes against patrons. However, not every store has the necessary lighting, cameras, security guards, or other measures necessary to keep customers safe from violence and the resulting injuries. Assaults and other crimes are common in parking garages, parking lots, dressing rooms, restrooms, and similar locations. 

Consult with a Flint Personal Injury Attorney for Free Today

When you head into a store to pick up a few items, the last thing you expect is to end up in the emergency room with a serious injury. Unfortunately, many types of accidents can happen in stores and other businesses, and the resulting insurance claims can be challenging. The legal team at Nickola Law takes on large corporations and their insurers on behalf of your clients. Contact us to discuss a possible case. 


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