Gun Crimes

Defense Attorneys For Weapons & Gun Crimes In Michigan

Like most states, Michigan takes weapons offenses and gun crimes very seriously. Being charged and convicted of a weapons offense could land you in prison for many years. Many lawmakers and activists are fighting for more severe penalties for gun and weapons charges, which means if you have been arrested for a weapon or gun offense you need to act fast and takes the charges seriously. Call us as soon as you can to start building a defense.

Possession Of Firearms

Michigan law also specifies that you cannot carry a handgun on your person or hide one in your vehicle without having a license for carrying a concealed pistol.

Some of the most common weapons offenses include felony firearm possession and possession of a concealed weapon. It is against the law to carry a concealed firearm in Michigan, or any other kind of weapon that is considered dangerous.

Meantime, it becomes a felony if you are caught with a concealed weapon at the time a crime is committed. If convicted it will lead to at least a two-year minimum sentence behind bars. That is in addition to the other penalties invoked if convicted of the original crime that was committed at the time you were carrying the concealed weapon. Many prosecutors will attempt to charge people with a felony firearm offense even if the gun had nothing to do with the original crime in question. Don’t let this happen to you. Call us today for help.

Other Dangerous Weapons

In addition to firearms there are several other dangerous weapons that are not legal to carry in Michigan, including, but not limited to, bombs, short-barreled shotguns, machine guns and items considered to be used for bludgeoning.

We Can Defend Weapons Charges

At Nickola Law we understand weapons offenses and gun crimes and we know how to defend individuals who are facing these kinds of charges. We will work to find the holes in the prosecution’s case against you and in doing so we will determine whether or not proper procedures were followed. We can also look at other important factors such as whether or not the gun was loaded or if it even worked. If the gun was an antique or if it was used for hunting are other possible defense strategies we can employ. It’s also important to consider what your intent was in carrying the weapon and exactly where it was when police found it.

Mid-Michigan Lawyers Fighting Weapons Offenses

There are many reasons that people end up in possession of guns and other weapons. Just because someone has a weapon that does not mean they are going to use it to commit a crime. Likewise, not everyone who has been arrested for possessing a weapon is actually the owner of that weapon. Remember, just like with any other criminal charge, you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, if you’re facing a weapons offense or a gun crime, then contact the criminal defense lawyers at Nickola Law for help today. Call us at 810-767-5420, or toll free at 866-642-5652. Click here to contact us online or by email.

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