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Are you facing a drug crime charge in Flint or Mid-Michigan? Drug crimes always present a serious situation and they can carry serious penalties as well, no matter what kind of charges they include. The legal penalties are bad enough, but being convicted of a drug crime can carry a very negative stigma with it as well. However, no matter the evidence, you are innocent until proven guilty.

What Is A Drug Crime?

There are many different kinds of drug crimes and varying degrees of each crime. In most cases drug crimes fall under three categories:

  • Control or Possession
  • Creation or Manufacturing
  • Trafficking or Distribution

Each of these types of drug categories also has different levels or schedules, with Schedule 1 offenses being the most serious and schedule 5 offenses being the least.

How Serious Are Drug Crimes?

Drug crimes can also affect your future employment opportunities, your voting rights and government benefits. They should not be taken lightly.

Penalties for these different offenses can vary greatly, but most drug convictions will lead to prison time. In fact, there are more people in federal prisons today in the U.S. for drug crimes than for any other type of crime. Just over half of all convicted criminals serving more than a year in federal prison are there for drug crimes. Prison isn’t the only consequence of being convicted of a drug crime, either. Many people are also ordered to pay fines, and drug convictions can lead to several other penalties as well. For example, for students attending college a drug crime can lead to being expelled and losing scholarships.

How To Defend Against A Drug Crime

If you are facing a drug crime charge there are several ways that we can go about defending you, depending on your circumstances. Drug crimes can involve a lot of variables, which means we will take a look at all the evidence as well as weigh all of the different options and scenarios of your case. There are many possible defense strategies we can take, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Not Your Drugs – One of the most common drug defenses used is that the drugs belong to someone else. Just because the drugs were found in your possession or your vehicle that does not prove they are yours.
  • Missing Drugs – another possible option is to force the prosecution to produce the drugs in question as actual evidence. If the drugs have not been kept then the prosecution could lose his/her case against you.
  • Unlawful Search & Seizure – if law enforcement officers do not follow proper procedure when it comes to search and seizure operations then the evidence could be thrown out.
  • Drugs Planted By Someone Else – while it might be hard to prove that the drugs in question were planted by someone else, particularly a police officer, it is a possible defense strategy that we can use.
  • Crime Lab Analysis – even though all the evidence points to a substance being an illegal drug, it still must be proven by a crime lab analysis. The lab must also testify that it is indeed an illegal substance in order for it to be permitted as evidence.
  • Entrapment – this can occur if law enforcement officers influence a person to commit a crime that he or she might not have committed otherwise. It can be hard to prove, but it is also another option.

Fighting Drug Crime Charges In Mid-Michigan

Being convicted of a drug crime is never good. Drug crimes could not only force you to spend time in jail but they could also have many other serious and lasting consequences. If you are facing a drug crime charge, don’t wait to act. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable team of drug crime lawyers today. Call Nickola Law for help at 810-767-5420, or toll free at 866-642-5652. Click here to contact us online or by email.

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