Juvenile Offenses


While being charged with a crime isn’t good for anyone, criminal charges can be especially negative for juveniles. Even though most juvenile crimes involve less serious matters, having a conviction on your record can have lasting consequences. For example, some juveniles who have a criminal record find it difficult to obtain a job or a student loan if they want to go to college. No mater how insignificant a charge might seem, you should take a juvenile offense charge seriously.

Common Types of Juvenile Offenses

In any case, these are some of the most common juvenile offenses.

Just like adults, kids make mistakes and sometimes, because they are less experienced in life they make poor choices. In most instances, crimes involving juveniles are not considered extremely serious. However, any crime on your record is bad.

  • Larceny/Theft – stealing a bike or other piece of property and shoplifting are common examples.
  • Vandalism – common forms of vandalism include graffiti or tagging, keying a car or slashing tires.
  • Alcohol Offenses – underage drinking, possession or purchasing are all common alcohol offenses.
  • Disorderly Conduct – sometimes kids get out of control and make bad choices like fighting in public, exposing themselves or cursing at a teacher or other authority figure.
  • Tobacco or Marijuana Offenses – purchasing, possessing or smoking marijuana are all common juvenile offenses.
  • Curfew Violations – kids like to be up late and out after dark, but in some cases that is a crime.

There are many other types of offenses associated with juveniles, but these are usually the most common.

Tried as an Adult

It’s also important to be aware that in some cases that involve more serious crimes, the court may decide to try a juvenile as an adult. This can add another level of angst to the situation and leave you feeling completely at a loss. That’s why if your son or daughter is facing any kind of juvenile offense, then you need to seek experienced help. We will do everything in our power to keep you child’s case in the juvenile court system. Even in the event that the case is moved to adult court, we will fight for the best possible outcome for your child.

Fight for Your Future

The bottom line is having a criminal record is never good, even if it’s just a minor offense. A criminal record can have serious negative implications on your child’s present and future. Don’t let a small offense turn into huge consequences. If your child has been arrested then contact us today. We will fight hard to help you get the best results possible and keep your child out of adult court. Don’t go through this often-harrowing process alone. Contact us for help.

Contact Our Experienced Michigan Juvenile Criminal Defense Team

Anyone facing a criminal charge is most likely feeling anxious and scared. However, if you’re still a juvenile then those emotions can be greatly heightened. Likewise, if you’re a parent of a juvenile who is facing charges then your life could feel like it is turned upside down. There are so many potential outcomes and you no doubt have a lot of questions. At Nickola Law, we understand and we can help. If your child is facing charges for a juvenile offense, then please contact us as soon as you can. We will fight for the best resolution to your situation. Give us a call at 810-767-5420, or contact us online or via email.

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