Dog Attacks


Have you been attacked by a dog, or know someone who has? Being the victim of a dog attack can be very devastating and the recovery process can take many months or even longer. Some dog attacks are so bad that the victim never really does recover, and in some extreme cases the attack can prove fatal. Dogs bite people all the time, but there is a difference between a small nip and being mauled by an overly aggressive animal that you have done nothing to provoke. When a dog attacks and the owner of that dog could have, and should have, done something to prevent the attack then the victim should speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Fighting for Victims of Serious Dog Bite Injuries

At Nickola Law we fight for the victims’ rights in dog bite attacks.

When an animal attacks a person that person can suffer all types of injuries, some of which can be very serious. Dog’s jaws are very strong and under the right circumstances they can even break a person’s bones. If the break is bad enough the victim might even need reconstructive surgery, or multiple surgeries, in order to recover. Another common injury people suffer from dog bites is infection. In fact, as many as 15-20 percent of dog bite victims end up getting some kind infection after being attacked. If the infection is not caught promptly it could spread and get worse and cause other problems. When an animal attacks, rabies is always a possibility as well.

Physical and Psychological Injuries

Like any other type of injury, dog bite injuries can be very disturbing and can have last negative effects. Not only can dog bite injuries leave terrible scarring and disfigurement, but the emotional scarring can also last a lifetime. In fact, for some people the emotional toll of a dog bite is even worse than the physical wounds. Some victims of dog bites carry a fear of dogs with them for the rest of their life. That means every time they see a dog it could open up old emotional wounds and cause them to relive the attack over and over again. We take the psychological wounds into consideration as well when we calculate the damages.

Placing a Value On Your Injuries

Speaking of damages, we consider every possible factor when we determine a value for your case. Typically, victims of dog bites can seek compensation for several different losses, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage and lost wages. In some cases, if the dog owner was directly responsible for the attack, a victim might also be able to receive punitive damages. For example, if the owner ordered the dog to attack, he or she could also be forced to pay these punitive damages.

Contact a Dog Bite Attorney for Help

Being attacked by a dog can be a traumatic thing to go through and if the animal’s owner could have done more to prevent the attack then he or she should be held liable. That also means that the victim should be compensated for his or her injuries. Please contact the Law office of Nickola in Flint for experienced assistance with dog bite injuries. We will stand up for your rights and seek the most compensation possible in your situation. Please contact us by clicking here or by calling 810-767-5420.

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