Tips from an auto accident attorney: Doing the right things after a crash.

Tips from an auto accident attorney: Doing the right things after a crash.

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December 01, 2014
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You’ve just had a car accident. All you know is that you were driving, then all of a sudden there was a lot of glass breaking, along with this horrible booming sound.

As far as you’re concerned it seemed like an explosion. (Frankly, in many cases it is exactly like an explosion.) Now you’re at the side of the road wondering exactly what happened as someone opens your car door and asks, “Are you all right? “

To that you say, “I’m fine.” But are you? ER technicians will tell you that the immediate answer after an auto accident is usually “I’m fine.” That’s true for people who have no injury to those with a compound femur fracture or head trauma.

As an auto accident attorney I know that “how you are” can’t really be answered in the seconds, minutes or even days after an accident (depending on injuries or severity of the accident). And, in a legal sense, how you actually are will depend on accident reports, physician records and witness reports.

That’s why it is critical do certain things in a certain order after an accident. First, if you suspect you are injured, don’t move unless absolutely necessary. Second, make sure the other driver and passengers (and your passengers) are ok. If there is any chance you may be injured–even a little– seek medical attention immediately. Third, don’t talk about the accident to anyone. And finally, seek a qualified auto accident attorney as soon as possible. A highly experienced auto accident attorney is the person who will preserve your rights after an accident, should you need compensation for injuries, loss time at work or permanent disabilities.


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