What You Can Do if you Suffer Mental Health Problems After an Accident

What You Can Do if you Suffer Mental Health Problems After an Accident

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August 01, 2017
Auto Accident
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When you file a personal injury claim after an accident, you can seek compensation for all of the financial damages you suffered because of the injury. These damages include your medical expenses, which include hospitalization and prescription drug costs, as well as expenses related to your mental and emotional distress related to the injury. For example, you might develop a phobia or anxiety that prevents you from resuming your normal lifestyle after an accident or, after being temporarily or permanently disabled by an injury, you can become depressed.

If you are suffering from mental health problems after an accident, discuss them with your doctor so you can seek the treatment you need. Also be sure to discuss them with your lawyer, who can help you seek compensation for the costs of this treatment.

Seek Psychological Counseling

Working with a counselor is an effective way to identify the causes of your mental health problems and develop strategies to cope with them. Psychological counselors hold doctorate degrees in their field and may also have clinical experience.

Use Medication to Manage your Mental Health Issues

Sometimes, medication is a necessary tool to treat mental health problems. These can include mood stabilizers or antidepressants. Often, medication is used in conjunction with other therapies to treat a patient’s mental health disorder.

Work with a Therapist to Overcome your Difficulties

There are a few different therapies a psychologist may employ to help a patient work through his or her condition. These include:

  • Cognitive therapy. This is the reprogramming of an individual’s thought process to help him or her view the world and his or her struggles realistically, rather than through a damaging lens;
  • Behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy can involve many different types of behavior changes. The goal is to alter the individual’s feelings and perception by changing his or her actions and behaviors; and
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a goal-focused type of therapy used to change an individual’s thought processes and behaviors by creating a set of principles for the patient to follow and strategies he or she can employ to uphold these principles.

Seek Compensation for your Mental Healthcare Expenses

Just like with other medical expenses, an individual seeking compensation for his or her mental healthcare expenses must provide sufficient evidence to support his or her claim. This can include the bills he or she receives for treatment and medication. It can also include evidence that shows how his or her disorder impacted his or her quality of life, which may come from the individual’s therapist, loved ones, or the individual him- or herself.

Work with an Experienced Flint Personal Injury Lawyer

An accidental injury can leave you suffering from many different types of injury, including mental health difficulties. Never assume that your mental health struggles are less important than your physical injury or that you do not deserve compensation for your damages related to these struggles – you do, and you can seek that compensation through a personal injury claim. Contact our team of personal injury lawyers at Nickola Law today to set up your initial consultation with us.


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